About our Farm

We are a small family farm located about 1 1/2 hrs north of Richmond, VA with a beautiful view of the Blue Ridge Mountains off our back porch.

Our Dexter and Lowline cattle are raised the old-fashioned way, the way we want our kids to be fed -  meaning we use no growth hormones, no steroids and definitely no feed antibiotics. Quite simply, they are 100% grass-fed which means they are raised on natural, native grass pastures.

They are both incredibly gentle breeds and their size makes it much easier to work with then a full size breed.

All of our cattle are PHA free and A2/A2.

Everyone Welcoming the New Arrival


Pound for pound, Dexters and Lowlines cost less to get to the table, economically turning forage into rich milk and quality, lean meat.

Gentle enough to play with Molly, our Boxer


Our beef

Studies show that grass-fed and finished beef is lower in saturated fat, higher in omega 3 for a better ratio of omega 3 and 6, and lower in calories and cholesterol making it healthier beef. Dexter beef is naturally lean and tender without any supplemental marbling. Grass-finished Dexter beef was preferred 2 to 1 over the well known Angus breed in recent flavor tests conducted among chefs and beef connoisseurs (http://americanculturist.com.)

Estimate of what you can get from a Whole Side from us

Carcass Weight Breakdown (live weight at slaughter was 800 lbs, hanging weight was 467 lbs):

Brisket: 8.55 lb

Short Ribs: 12.50 lb

Flank Steak: 2.33 lb

Sirloin Tip: 12.01 lb

Whole Round: 62.70 lb

Whole Loin: 60.80 lb

Whole Chuck: 47.40 lb

Whole Arm Roasts w/Bone-in: 22.45 lb

Whole Rib Roast w/Cap & Bones: 23.80 lb

Meat Trimmings (will be ground into hamburger): 54.00 lb

Meaty Soup Bones (Neck & Shanks): 24.34 lb

Pet Bones (most of meat removed): 19.40 lb

Fat (internal carcass fat - Suet): 29.10 lb